i-feel BEAUTY

The micro-active efficiency

i-feel BEAUTY is the global cosmetic solution which joins the very best of technological innovation, the Activ’feel, with the excellence of natural cosmetic formulae for your skincare. 100% designed and made in France, it is the result of many years of research and provides astonishingly effective results in an entirely safe manner.

The i-feel BEAUTY box set is made of:

  • Four cosmetics cares of the colours of the rainbow, designed to please the senses. Their formulae are highly concentrated in ingredients with a minimum of 82% of natural origin.
  • An extremely innovative device resulting from technological research, the Activ’feel, works in synergy with the cares to amplify their efficiency on the skin. It unites two techniques: the diffusion of bipolar micro-currents and the photodynamic treatment by LED (light-emitting diode).

The Activ’feel is steered with a smartphone, with the Feeligold mobile application, available on Android and iOS.

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i-feel BEAUTY global cares

Every i-feel BEAUTY global care has been specifically formulated to work in synergy with the Activ’feel. The cares’ gel-cream texture facilitates the flow of the micro-currents and stimulates the action of the LED. Once applied to the skin, the cares are boosted by the Activ’feel.

The i-feel BEAUTY cares are subtlety colored. Every color is associated with the same color LED for an amplified beauty efficiency.

The active ingredients in the composition of these formulae have been carefully selected for their virtues and efficiency on the skin. Botanical waters derived from fruits improve the cutaneous responsiveness and optimize the efficiency of the active ingredients. These fresh and fragrant textures leave behind a delicate veil on the skin for a pleasurable experience at every use. The cares contained in this box set are also available for sale individually.

  • ROSE 405

    Anti-wrinkles global care

    First wrinkles, pronounced wrinkles or even marked wrinkles? A highly effective anti-wrinkle solution exists: ROSE 405. This formula, composed of 88% ingredients of natural origin, acts in a targeted and effective way on new and marked wrinkles.

    Feeligold has selected 4 active ingredients renowned for their effectiveness against the signs of ageing. All wrinkles will be diminished thanks to the immortelle and the botox-like effect of the argireline. The hyaluronic acid will optimize the skin’s hydration* and contribute to filling in wrinkles. Apple water will tone the skin.

    The Activ’feel amplifies the effectiveness of ROSE 405 thanks to the diffusion of bipolar micro-currents and the photodynamic treatment by pink to red LED. The red LED are renowned for their reparative and anti-ageing qualities on the skin.

    Beauty results: The skin appears lifted and its lines are smoother. New and marked wrinkles are visibly softened.
    *The upper layers of the epidermis.


  • BLEU 490

    Anti-imperfections global care

    Don’t let redness, spots and other imperfections ruin your life! BLEU 490, with 87.7% ingredients of natural origin, is the ideal care for cleansing your skin. The CytobiolTM Iris A2 and cucumber extract work together for a purifying effect on the skin. Imperfections are diminished, pores are tightened and shine is reduced.

    The Activ’feel amplifies the effectiveness of BLEU 490 thanks to the diffusion of bipolar micro-currents and the photodynamic treatment by blue LED. The blue LED are renowned for their antibacterial and sebo-regulating qualities on the skin.

    Beauty results: Redness and other imperfections are diminished alongside a decrease in blackheads and spots. Shine is regulated. The skin’s texture is refined and pores are tightened. The skin is less oily, less shiny and imperfections are diminished.


  • VIOLET 420

    Anti-stretch marks global care

    Give your skin a completely novel global solution to soften the color of emerging stretch marks and improve skin appearance. VIOLET 420 is a precious care filled with 82% ingredients of natural origin. For a targeted effectiveness, Feeligold has joined 3 active key ingredients. Thanks to the extract of dragon’s blood and horsetail herb, the skin’s elasticity is improved. The extract of centella asiatica, traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine has a boosting effect on the skin, allowing it to regain its former firmness. This extract is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, healing and veno-tonic qualities on the skin.

    The Activ’feel amplifies the effectiveness of Violet 420 thanks to the diffusion of bipolar micro-currents and the photodynamic treatment by red to violet LED. The red LED are renowned for their reparative qualities on the skin.

    Beauty results: The skin regains its former suppleness and elasticity. The stretch marks’ color is diminished.

  • VERT 550

    Anti-cellulite global care

    Discover VERT 550, the new solution to create a new silhouette. This exceptional anti-cellulite care is highly concentrated in active ingredients of natural original at 87.2%. The extract of guarana, rich in caffeine, and the extract of meadowsweet facilitate the diminishing of orange peel. The actisculpt® helps eliminate fatty cells and restore the skin’s firmness. Additionally, the extracts of ivy and cherry facilitate the skin’s draining by activating its micro-circulation. The appearance of orange peel is thus diminished and the skin regains its former tone.

    The Activ’feel amplifies the effectiveness of VERT 550 thanks to the diffusion of bipolar micro-currents and the photodynamic treatment by green LED. The LED are renowned for its effect on skin’s texture and ability to firm skin up.

    Beauty results: The skin is smoother and more toned. The aspect of orange peel is visibly diminished. The silhouette is sculpted.


Activ’feel descriptionFLG_PAM+Charg_B_02-alpha_256

The Activ’feel works in synergy with the cares to improve the active ingredients’ bioavailability and amplify their effectiveness on the skin. This French innovation has been thought out and designed to be simultaneously practical, ergonomic and nomad.

Its rounded shape is optimized to hug the curves of the face and body harmoniously. Its impermeability allows a completely safe cleaning.

The Activ’feel is in compliance with the CE markings.


  • A non-invasive technology built on bipolar micro-currents for effectiveness and safety

    Micro-currents are known to activate the synthesis of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin for a restructuring and plumping effect on the skin. They also help to increase the diffusion of the cares’ active ingredients in the upper layers of the skin.

    The bipolar micro-currents technology developed by Feeligold allows for the containment of the current’s diffusion at a localized level. Its penetration is only a few millimeters deep. This way the micro-currents and active ingredients do not spread beyond the epidermis.

    The safety of the device and the micro-current technology are both registered under a Feeligreen SA patent. This patent guarantees the continuous control of the applied current as well as the command of its maximum intensity in order to avoid any risk of burning or cutaneous irritation.

  • LED

    LED for a photodynamic therapy

    According to the principles of light-therapy, there are various wavelengths or colors of light adapted to cutaneous needs. Feeligold associates a LED color to every care of the same chromatic tonality.

    This way the Activ’feel amplifies the cares’ effectiveness.

    A lot of research on LED have proven their role in the activation of the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen synthesis contributes to:

    • The diminishing appearance of wrinkles and lines
    • The reduction of imperfections
    • Skin appeasement
    • Skin regeneration
    • Firming up skin
  • Micro-massages by vibrations

    The Activ’feel also contains a vibrate mode. This allows it to perform micro-massages on the skin to contribute to the activation of micro-circulation. This mode can be deactivated in the Feeligold mobile application during the care.

  • Three care intensity levels

    Because every skin has different sensitivity levels and needs, the intensity of the micro-currents, the LED and the vibration on the Activ’feel are adjustable.

    For every global care, three intensity levels are provided on the Feeligold mobile application.

    • Intensity 1: low. This is recommended for the most sensitive skins, or skins featuring nascent problems.
    • Intensity 2: medium. This is for normal skins looking for a deeper care to reinforce its benefits.
    • Intensity 3: high. This is recommended for more serious cutaneous problems.

  • Recharge

    A simple and intuitive charge method

    The Activ’feel can be charged in one quick gesture, simply by placing the device well positionned on its charging stand (see below). This stand must be previously plugged into a wall socket.

A mobile application to steer the Activ’feel


Programmable and adjustable, the Activ’feel is steered with a smartphone, with the Feeligold mobile application, available on Android and iOS. This application is directly linked to the Activ’feel via Bluetooth.

Once the application is downloaded on your smartphone, you will be able to easily select the necessary global care, choose the correct settings, follow your usage statistics, refer to tutorials and connect to the store to restock your products.

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The i-feel BEAUTY box set contains :

  • 2 face cares:
    • Rose 405, the anti-wrinkles global care
    • Bleu 490, the anti-imperfections global care
  • 2 body cares:
    • Violet 420, the anti-stretch marks global care
    • Vert 550, the anti-cellulite global care
  • L’Activ’feel
  • A charging stand
  • A USB cable (length: 1.20 meter)
  • A power plug (230V – 50Hz)
  • The i-feel BEAUTY guide